About TC Rae

TC Rae is a freelance scriptwriter and playwright. Theresa finds pleasure in giving an audience insight into the human condition and experience. Her fascination for the essence of characters, plots, the worlds they live in as well as, their complex interpersonal relationships is at the heart of her work. She is attracted to writing drama and comedy, and she holds a special affection for dark comedies. In 2009, TC was noticed for her work “The Secret Apprentice” in the CO-WRITE screenwriting competition hosted by Benderspink Productions, and wrote and directed two stage plays “A Secretary’s Work Is Never Done” and “The Wise Girls” performed at the Ocean City Repertory Theater. The positive notices compelled her to formally pursue a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University where she graduated with her BFA in 2014. The program challenged her to collaborate with writers from around the country and polished her skills as a storyteller. While there, she expanded her talents into the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.
TC has never strayed far from the theater. On the stages of NYC’s The Producer’s Club, she played the role of Ally in “Long Journey To Nowhere” and Ms Powell in “Basement Apartment In 409”. TC also had a career in background work with Zipperhead Film Productions working on numerous movie sets including Music & Lyrics, Spiderman 3 and Andre Rieu’s PBS concert series.
TC is moving her career forward with an eye on becoming a television staff writer while gathering a team of other talented creatives for her own production company. Her latest projects include “Living Dolls”, a dark comedy about two childhood rivals who continue their competitive ways into adulthood, threatening their personal and professional lives.


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